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 !  Neil Smiths Race Bike (2TK)

Neil is a racer from New Zealand who is aYamaha mechanic & of course owns a 2TK. As Neil has given me a hell of a lot of advice, information and help, i've decided to push him into the fame arena :) (he'll prolly kill me for this heh heh)

This is his race bike - a cracker i'm sure you'll agree!

I have altered the front fairing by putting a small nose on the front to make it a little more modern without spending to much. I shortend the tank cover at the back until it almost touches the tank, this enables me to get further forward to load up the front tyre in corners. The side fairings are std. The tail unit is R6 99 model with 2 inches cut from the centre to narrow it a little. Made the rear sets myself, and the pipe.


Heres a partial list of what i've done to it:

  • Rebored it 1mm o/s
  • Tidied up the ports, not a major port job,just a clean up.
  • Removed the magnets from the flywheel and balanced it
  • Removed the air filter element otherwise left the air box std.
  • Fitted #100 main jets.
  • Removed the starter motor and clutch as this takes weight off the crank.
  • Fitted a race pipe without power valve, you dont need a power valve on the track cause you wont
    be low enough in the revs to need it.

These mods make a fast reliable motor.

Chassis mods are

  • Ffork emulators
  • Progressive springs
  • 10wt oil
  • 100mm oil level.
  • Rear shock is a Hagon with adjustable damping
  • Slide forks through yokes 10 mm to improve turn in, or if you have ground clearance problems, fit 5mm shorter linkage rods in the rear and run the forks in the std position.
  • I also run different wheels, an fzr 1000 front, tzr250 V-twin model rear. Both are 17inch.
  • I really suggest fitting a remote resevior m/cylinder. I am not saying you should do this exactly,just what i have done. These mods make a fast reliable great handling bike,you will have a lot of fun on.

You may have noticed my swimgarm is different,it is from an 89 model, it is a bolt on fit, no alterations needed, and it looks great.It also improves rear feel as it is braced.



 !  Neil Espie's Standard RSP (2TK)

The story:
I have owned an FZR400R (SP) for many years now. I picked it up believe it or not at a Honda dealer where it was for sale second hand as a grey import. It had been dropped and had a smashed seat cowl, inoperative EXUP, shot speedo and numerous bent bits. I bought it for half the going price of other 400's on the lot and did it up for street use.

As far as looks go:
I tried to bring it back to original but I just couldn't stand the seat decals and changed them to match the fairings. It now has a smoke black windscreen and red decals either side of the screen. Reapolstered the seat in dark royal blue and added a red 'knod' to cover the seat bolt. Added a crotch protector to the tank. The tank needs the protection (not my crotch).

Had the seat cowl repaired and painted to match the tank.
When I bought my bike it had dud EXUP servo electronics. The local YAM dealer here couldn't get a replacement so sent it to an electrics shop and they disolved out the plastic block and fixed the problem at the component level. Cost an arm and a leg but the EXUP certainly evens out the power band for road use.
Had the speedo and tacho repaired.
Replaced broken tail light lens with perfect match from Yam 250. Replaced gear change foot lever with perfect match from Yam 600.
Had frame and engine acid 'washed' to brighten 'em up.
Had a broken alternator cover welded up and repolished. Not an easy job as it's quite thin.
Replaced rear brake disk with Fe one. Replaced chain and rear sproket.
Replaced disk pads all round, brake fluid, fork oil, cables, etc.
Had the engine flushed and re-tuned for EXUP.
New Tires front and rear. (Expensive beggers. It's hard to find the right size.)

It's been running smooth as silk ever since. Although last service the rubbers between the airbox and carbs were too hard (from age) to be reused and I'm currently waiting on a replacement set from Japan.

As the bike is getting rarer by the minute (thanks to all you weekend warriors), for my next project I might just bring it completely back to original looks too.

A great lil bike for a quick squirt.


 !  Fernando from Chille's FZR400RSP (2TK)


My name is Fernando Torres, I am 21 years old, I’m in college studying Mechanics Engineering.

This is my first bike. When I bought it, I has a lot of work to do on it. I have replaced many parts, as the battery, oil and the oil filter, body plastics, (all genuine), etc.

The only thing I haven’t bought are the lower side skirts.

I put in my bike a liqui moly synth 10w 50 hd oil. I removed the two rear signal lights and installed smaller ones with the same shape. I have almost made another small modifications which is removing the rear license plate support.

The engine and the gearbox have never been opened.

In Chile nobody knows about my bike. People only know about the normal fzr. Well, I really love my bike, is like my little child and I take care of it even more than I take care of myself. It handles newer and almost some bigger bikes, the performance is great and the brakes awesome.

For the future I have projects like installing a bigger back tire, buying the lower side skirts and the steering suspension system and other small things for leaving my bike perfect.

Thanks Simon for creating this web page, giving a space for FZR SP owners and thanks for posting mine.

Cheers mate.



 !  Gary Jakeman's FZR400RSP (2TK)


Before the extra work

and after:

Seat unit came from replia-cast with filled in seat(not a good idear) a lot of dremal work :(, cut 2" out of the centre, fitted LED clear light unit from M andP, race foam seat pad

Removed all stickers

Oval race can / K&N

Rebuilt the exup (wos jamed half open) and it gos like stink now!!

Ii ve had a lot of bike in 19 years of riding and the FZR is a lot of fun ,fun for £ its #1

Update 3rd June :




 !  John Hindle's FZR400RSP (2TK)


This is my mate Johns 2TK, stunning paintwork as you can see from the above pic (in fact i'm after the bodywork off this bike lol)

Cmon John, send me some text to add here for ya :)


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