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 !  Specifications

Here follows the information i've managed to gather to date:


Model Number

The model is actually known as a 2TK but uses the 1WG frame + ancilliaries.

Frame numbers

The standard -> 1987 FZR400 available in Japan only
1WG-000101 TO 035000 MODEL 1WG

The SP version -> 1987 FZR400R available in Japan only
1WG-035101 TO 043000 model 2TK

Thanks to Neil Espie for that information!


The rear shock is a remote reservoir version (comes from a TZ / TZR) and has ajustable preload + rebound ajustment.

Front has preload adjustment only. Standard springs are soft (to say the least) and runs with 10wt oil.

Neil Smith tells me 'Regarding the fork springs, i fitted progressive suspension springs, the part no. is 11-1129. If you fit these you dont have to worry about getting the exact spring rate as the progressive spring takes care of it automatically,they are a huge improvement everywhere no matter if the track is smooth our rough. Use 10wt oil with 100mm oil level - If you have problems with the forks bottoming under brakes just raise oil level to 90mm.'


Front is a 17" with a 110/70/17 tyre fitment. Rear is unfortunately an 18" with 140/60/18 tyre fitment. Suitable tyres include Dunlop GPR70, GPR80, Bridgestone BT090, possibly Metzeler & Pirelli.


Ahh the interesting part. An oil cooler is fitted as standard, close ratio gearbox, different pistons, longer con rods, sp cams, CDI, round slide oval venturi carbs. Final drive is via a 525 chain with sprocket sizes of 15 front and 41 rear as standard.

A note fron Jurgen Wilsch who used to own one of these models 'I would still use the FZR400U manual (3bf model) as the bike is the same at most points (even the valve clearance table stayed the same) as most parts inside the engine are 1WG/2TK parts anyway and the 3bf models have the same internals (1WG parts inside the engine).'

Frame and Bodywork

Single seat race unit, no rear pegs, aluminuim tank cover (as opposed to plastic for the other models), Aluminum subframe (instead of steel), larger section swing arm, 4 pot front calipers.


If you can add any information to this page, please let me know.

 !   Extra Information

Yamaha Factory specifications (273k)


The following was kindly provided by Neil Smith:


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