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Questions - these are outstanding questions i've got. If you can help out, mail me using the contact form above.

What grease should be used to pack the head bearings?

What are the size of the various bolts holding the fairings, brake calipers, frame etc. This would be useful to know should anyone ever need to replace a bolt with a knackered head! (like i've got to!)


1990 FZR400 Rear Rim Swap

The parts that you will need are
GSXR wheel (I used a 96-98 I think?)
Axle for GSXR wheel
Stock spacers for GSXR wheel or just the drive side spacer
FZR400 caliper hanger and caliper

1. Measure the distance from the center of the stock wheel, use the casting marks on the rim, and two points on either side of the swing arm mark these points with a marker, it does not matter if they are the same distance from the axle. Rotate wheel and measure all spokes.
2. Measure distance from swing arm to drive sprocket.
3. Using the stock drive side spacer from the GSXR wheel cut it to 37.5mm (may differ slightly from bike to bike) cut it on the big side so you can make small adjustments.
4. Using the GSXR axle put the wheel on with no caliper hanger and your new spacer.
5. Push the wheel over so that it is snug on the drive side spacer that you just cut.
6. Measure again from the mark on the drive side swing arm to the casting marks on the rim. Rotate wheel and measure all spokes.
7. Compare these to you stock measurements. If it is correct the move on to step 8 if not take the spacer off and make minor adjustments till wheel is in stock position.
8. Remove the caliper bracket from the bike and widen the axle hole to allow GSXR axle to pass through it.
9. Take some spacer material or the stock GSXR spacers if you have them and cut a 17mm piece once again cutting it on the big side. This will be your spacer for the caliper bracket to rim.
10. Put you wheel on with the drive side spacer, caliper bracket to wheel spacer and caliper installed.
11. Push the wheel and caliper bracket over towards the drive side using a screwdrivers on the outside of the caliper bracket and see if the wheel will spin freely or as free as with the stock wheel. If it does then your spacer is the right size, if not adjust the spacer to allow the wheel to spin freely. (There will be some drag from the brake rubbing)
12. Take your spacer material or a 3mm wide washer that the GSXR axle will fit through and put it on the outside of the caliper bracket.
13. Take your stock FZR400 sprocket and install it on the GSXR wheel. Using all of your spacers and the stock caliper bracket install the wheel. If the spacers are too wide then grind down the 3mm washer that is between the caliper bracket and swing arm. Make sure that the assembly is not to skinny this will cause stress on the swing arm.
14. Measure the marks on the swing arm to casting marks again and make sure that the wheel is in the stock location.
15. Measure from the drive side swing arm to the sprocket, make sure that you use the same point that you used for the stock measurement). Remove sprocket and place washers on sprocket mounting bolts to shim the sprocket out so that this distance matches stock. I added 3mm but I have a RZ350 motor in my bike so it may vary slightly.
16. Put some modern rubber on the rim, adjust your ride height if necessary and go test out your 17 rim.

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